Caller Anxiety is a Sales Killer!

Did you know…


Business callers are placed on hold (via Inbound/Outbound)


Don't call a business back after hanging up (via Voice Response, Inc.)


Stayed on a call longer when provided with information on hold (via Sales & Marketing Management)


Bought additional products from on hold information (via Sales & Marketing Management)

Have Butler Productions produce a


to keep your callers on the line

and help you sell more!

Shockingly, most companies spend a lot of money to get people to call, only to have no system in place when there’s no one available to answer the phone! But you don’t have to be like most companies.

We’ve created hundreds of on-hold programs that have helped clients just like you keep their customers actively on the line. Using state-of-the art recording gear and techniques, professionally scripted messages, music tailored for your target market, and dynamic voice-over talent, we create the best first-time-caller impression possible. With your on-hold message, you’ll reassure callers, alleviate their anxiety, provide valuable information, and make more sales!

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by Produced for Forge Content Group

“Butler Productions has come to our rescue several times when deadlines were tight and staying within budget was important. Voiceovers, original music, oddball requests from clients — They can do it all.”

Lee Davis

Writer, Producer, GLD Media

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2 Updates Per Year
  • Production included
  • Legally licensed music
  • Professional, scripted voiceover
  • 6-minute runtime
  • Up to 2 free updates per year
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4 Updates Per Year
  • Production included
  • Legally licensed music
  • Professional, scripted voiceover
  • 6-minute runtime
  • Up to 4 free updates per year
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One and Done

Starter Package
  • Production included
  • Legally licensed music
  • Professional, scripted voiceover
  • 6-minute runtime
  • One-time Fee
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If you act now, you’ll get a bonus Christmas/Holiday production absolutely free!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my on-hold message be delivered?

You will receive your 6-minute on-hold message production in a high-resolution .aiff, .wav, and .mp3.  We can mail these to you on a CD-ROM or deliver via file transfer.  We can also mail you an audio CD.

Will this work with my phone system?

If you have a multi-line phone system, or if your phone system has a “music-on-hold” feature, then this will likely work for you.  Your telecom provider or tech can set this up quickly and easily.  It may be as easy as uploading a file into your system, or you may need a dedicated player.  Check with your telecom provider or technician to be sure.

For smaller companies and freelancers, online options such as Grasshopper or RingCentral are great solutions.  We can provide you with on-hold messages and voice greetings tailored for these options as well.  It’s as easy as uploading the files right into your account.

Do I have to pay a deposit to get started?

We require your first month in advance to secure your order.  This is not only to ensure that you’re serious, but also to cover enough of our production cost to get started.  Then we will send you a low-resolution proof sample of your program.  Upon approval, we’ll send your full-resolution file.

How long will it take to receive my finished on-hold message?

We can typically deliver your fully-produced on-hold production within 5-7 business days.  Production time may vary depending on our production schedule, voice-over talent’s schedule, or special requests, but we’ll definitely let you know an E.T.A. at the time you order.

How do you know what to say in the script?

We have you fill out a brief company profile questionnaire about your products, services, customers, and other valuable information. Using that information, we create a script tailor made for your target market and customer base.

Do I own the music in my on-hold message program?

You own a license that allows you the non-exclusive right to use the music in your on-hold system during the duration of the license term.  You do not own the music, and may not use it for any other purpose without permission.

What about updates or seasonal On-Hold Message Programs?

Your subscription plan allows a set number of updates per year, upon request.  Many people use these for seasonal or special promotional opportunities.  Each additional update $199/each.

What if I want to cancel my on-hold subscription service?

Our on-hold message services are based on a two-year contract term.  After your two-year term, you’re able to cancel the service at any time for any reason.  However, upon cancellation, you must cease using any and all on-hold productions created by Butler Productions.  If you wish to stop receiving updates but still continue to use your on-hold message, please call us.

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