Clayton C. Butler

President of Butler Productions Multimedia

Butler Productions is West Georgia’s premier provider of creative marketing services and music licensing for media.  We create and supply all kinds of media for virtually any kind of productions.  And we equip you with the strategies, tools, and media to transform you business!  If we can help you succeed, we succeed.  That’s what Butlers do.  We serve!

If you’re looking to market and grow your business, we want to help you do it creatively and efficiently!

BUT before we go any further,

Let’s go over the BUTLER HOUSE RULES…

No Cheapskates Allowed

If you’re looking for a “magic bullet” to make a fortune for free, then our services are not for you.  I can only work with business owners who understand what an investment marketing is to their business and who aren’t afraid to make the investment of their time and resources.

No Closed Minds Allowed

If you’re afraid to think outside the traditional marketing and advertising box…if you’re afraid to separate yourself from the rest of the pack and market creatively, then our services aren’t for you.

No Pansies Allowed

If you’re scared to market aggressively and become the preeminent authority in your marketplace, then, sorry, we’ve got nothing to offer.

No Quitters Allowed

“Getting it right” is going to to take time and testing.  And there are no guarantees things will go smoothly.  If you get easily discouraged if things aren’t perfect from the get-go, then, unfortunately, I really can’t help you.

Still around?  Great!  Here’s what you can expect from me…


I’m going to give you ideas, strategies, tactics, and tools you can use immediately in your business, for free, and start to see results.  And most of the time these are followed by…

Outright, shameless pitches for our products or services.

Let’s face it.  You wouldn’t expect any less from a marketing guy, would you?  I mean, our job is to sell stuff, right?  So I make no apologies for selling you something I know will help you tremendously.  It’s my ethical and moral responsibility.  (And you should feel the the exact same way about what you sell in your business!)

But don’t worry.  I always try to give you something of real, usable value–stuff you can put to use right now.  And that’s free.


But why would I just give such valuable information for free?


I would really hope, if my free stuff helps you, then maybe you’ll try my paid stuff.  And, to be quite frank, some of the stuff I sell, although you could do it yourself, isn’t easy to put in place.  It’s hard or time-consuming.  That’s why we’re here for you with our products and services!

You still might wonder…


Is his stuff any good?  Does it work?


I encourage you to try out my free material.  That’ll give you a good idea about what I do for businesses and how I do it.  If you think it will apply to you, then most likely you’re right.  Most of what I teach, do, and use translate pretty well to whatever industry you’re in.  And most of this stuff I’ve used to build and grow my own businesses.

As much as I’m not fond of tooting my own horn, here’s a little of my story…


I started my first business in college.  It was a live audio production company that ended up working with cool acts like John Mayer, John Waller, After Edmund, The Tams, and the Atlanta Rhythm Section.  I graduated college with a degree in composition and music technology, during which time I began to focus on recording and media production.

I got really interested in producing commercials and jingles, and I discovered composing music for film, tv, and advertising.  Since then I’ve produced music for hundreds of television shows and commercials, including two main title themes (MTV’s Totally Clueless and E!’s Married to Jonas).  In 2008, West Georgia Technical College asked me to develop and teach their Recording Studio Technology department, as well as teach classes in Digital Media Production.  I’m also a guest lecturer LaGrange College on music business.

The deeper I dove into growing my companies, the deeper I got into the advertising, marketing, and business side of media production.  I ended up studying sales, marketing, and copywriting from some of the top marketers and sales organizations on the planet.  I venture to think I’ve probably read and studied more since I left college than all of my entire education combined!  But I guess that’s what happens when you tap into something you love…you just can’t get enough!

Okay, I’ll dispense with all of the self aggrandizing.  All that to say, maybe those skills and expertise put me in a position to help people like you.  And I’d love the opportunity!

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